Loving this architectural feat of genius for a mud room or quasi mud area. Product design is so wonderful, it addresses the need to use space adequately when there circumstantially, due to location, may not be available. This piece is called Floor 95 by Mark Braun. This piece combines a bench, a wardrobe and a shelf that is assembled in different ways connected by 5 tube parts. This is the pure definition of functional furniture!


The Brogue Side and Coffee Table by Gray and Turner. An elegant leather top, wax thread stitched, solid wood table series. A special piece with a bit of history attached to its craftsmanship.

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A fire-extinguisher vodka. 

A fire-extinguisher vodka. 


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Shou-wei, Tsai 1986. Graphic designer, born and raised in Taiwan. 2008 Fu Jen Catholic University (Taiwan ), BA Graphic Design (Applied Arts), 2012 University of the Arts London (UK), MA Book Arts (Visual Arts), currently based in London.

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Icon Prints: Drinks series by Brigada Creativa

This is the first series of our collection of artistic icons. An art project that wants to take the most synthetic graphics, icons, to another level. Images of objects and things related to our day to day, because they define us and talk about our lives. 

For this first, the drinks are the subject, what is your favorite?